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Código de barra is an installation that reproduces the image of a group of buildings made out of metal. The metal surfaces are sometimes painted and oxidized as a metaphor that alludes to the decline of the city and that refers to the dystopic view of the attempt of a failed commercial life. The installation is determined by the study of the artist of the economic and political difficulties of everyday life. The city, and architecture in particular, are the aesthetic thermometer that defines how people move and interact in the economic situation of the country.   


The aesthetic proposal of this work invites to reflect on the existential phenomenon that excogitate daily ways of survival. The chromatic interventions suggest the contraposition of the commercial divisions and consequently the contrasts among people. Each building has its own identity and autonomy, has its own history and contains individual stories. The morphology of each building presents a shape at the bottom that reminds the barcode on personal IDs as to stress how societies control our identities and how those identities are established by papers, numbers, and codes. Finally, each building interacts with the geometry of the space and with the other elements that simulate the architectural barcodes we live in. 


Below a selection of images of this series. Dimensions vary.       

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