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Nichos is a 250 small sculptures series. Made out of different kind of metals (all taken from old American and Russian cars) this series aims to symbolize the obsolete nature of war. Each piece is an allegory of the automotive engineering by the ex-Soviet Union and the United States of America during the period of the Cold War. Consequently, the design of the cars replicates the manufacture of that period. They are all war cars that can only work when mounted with some kind of domestic tool.     


The goal of this series is to show the psychosocial phenomenon provoked by the manipulation of the war industry that put through agony entire populations for decades. Taking as a starting point the war machines, Nichos uncovers the ways in which the humankind is able to produce monsters that break into times of peace. These monsters are the result of our own fears and selfishness. The series functions as an archive, a niche where the cadavers and the materialization of the deterioration are deposited and take shape.  


Below, a selection of some of the pieces from this series. Dimensions vary.   

Part of this collection is at the ArtXchange Gallery in Seattle, Washington State, United States. 

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